5 Reasons Why This Film Blog Will Improve Your Life.


Film Score is a film blog that contains a treasure chest of information about new films, old films, great films and terribly awful films that should never have been made. But I’m no A-list Hollywood director, so why should you care? Let me explain:

1. I have the education.

I’m in my fourth year of film school at Michigan State, so I’ve learned most of the ins and outs of what to do and what not do when it comes to film production. Some of this is from classes, but a lot comes from hands-on experience.

Michigan State University Film SchoolPro-Tip: When filming, make sure you record back-up audio with your levels set to around -20. That way you have a fall back if a file gets corrupted, an intern didn’t hit record or the actor decides to start yelling their lines and your levels peak on the original audio.

See, I know things.

2. I’ll bring you multiple perspectives.

I look at films for the content and the production style, however I have a few more viewpoints in my arsenal. I’m also an advertising student at Michigan State, so I also view films from an advertising/marketing viewpoint. Regardless of your opinions on the plot holes in Disney’s Frozen (they’re rampant), it was a huge success from a marketing perspective – according to Forbes.com,  “The Company [Disney] saw overall revenue growth of 10% and earnings growth of 41%, primarily driven by the success of Frozen.”

Frozen Disney Film











I’m also a musician, or band kid, whichever you prefer. Have been for the past 12 years of my life – so I know a thing or two…maybe three. The score of a film is one of the main elements that help drive emotions home to the viewers, and is one of my favorite components of a film. My choice composer is Thomas Newman. Next time you’re stressed look him up on Spotify and tell me how it goes.

3. I have a deep infatuation with this industry.

Film Cameras








I love film. Not just big blockbuster hits, but all forms of the art: documentaries, independent films, short films, web series’, television sitcoms (my guilty pleasure), commercials and of course low-budget student films. I will share my thoughts and opinions that are guided by this passion – you won’t be getting some wishy-washy nonsense.

4. I’ll be posting about ALL THE THINGS.

I will be writing film reviews for both the newest in the box office and the ones that are sitting comfortably in my movie collection. I will also be posting about the latest news from the film world. Not celebrity gossip – things that are actually important to the film industry. The section I’m looking forward to the most is the Play-by-Play section, in which I will record my thoughts as I watch a film. Saving Private Ryan is on my list, so things could get emotional. I will also have a section devoted to film scores where I will discuss where/what/when/why/how of the music. So, get ready.

5. I’ll make you laugh.

I’m a blunt, sassy, emotionally high-strung individual. If anything, my thoughts and rhetoric may at least give you a laugh or maybe spark a great debate, or maybe if we’re lucky someone will learn something.

Read my posts; let me know what you think. Let’s dive in.

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